Monday, May 12, 2014

IC3 Trainings

So, this last year the Utah State Office of Education has decided to basically stick with the IC3 GS4 for the standards for the required Computer Technology class. This is good, but frustrating as I spent the whole year before getting my students MOS certified. However, I decided to work this last school year with the IC3 in my class again and it has been very rewarding and educational for me and my students.

The first semester this year we purchased a license for Pearson's "Introduction to Computers and Information Technology."  It is a really good course, but it did not help many of my students t o become IC3 certified. I had to go in and find a lot of other resources on their site to help my students learn information. I think the course wold be really good for a student that is self-motivated to learn on their own and not just to get a good grade in a class. It does have potential, but I could not spend another semester trying to get it to work.

So, I decided to go back to the trainings I had created before and work on getting more created.  I was worried since the program I was using to create didn't make my trainings work well on the Internet. So, I started looking around for something that would allow my to create a Windows program from the html of my trainings. I was able to quickly find one and started making a Windows program that would house my trainings.

I quickly began to really like this new direction for my trainings as my students became my alpha and beta testers. I then quickly found many problems with the program I was using to create the html trainings and started looking around for a new program for that as well. Again, I was able to find something that will eventually allow me to not only create a Windows program, but to make a program for Mac, iOS,  Android, and possibly a Chrome app. I am totally excited about this.

If you want to download the current version of my program (it is still being developed and is not totally complete, yet), you can go to, hover over Downloads and click on IC3. You will need to fill out a form, then you can download the program. Go ahead and install it on student machines and have them try it out.

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