Thursday, November 5, 2009

Key Applications

So, it has been awhile since I've actually written anything here (blog, what blog, I don't know anything about a blog). I got pretty behind in trying to prepare the trainings and tests for my students and other things have come up in life to prevent me from moving forward with them at the moment. However, I am hoping to have most everything ready by next semester so that my new set of students will be able to benefit from all of my work.

I have been working on the wording for the tasks that students need to do and have finished all three levels for Microsoft Word (for just the wording) and also the first level of Microsoft Excel. I still need to make the tasks for Level 3 of Microsoft Word, but then I can work on Excel. These are the real big ones that I have to work on. I also have to work on Vista and Internet Explorer for sure.

I also want to create some basic Level 1 questions for Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Publisher for when I teach about Software. Sometimes I've noticed that students don't fully understand these type of programs because they don't use them that much. I also have to come up with something for "education and entertainment" programs as well as "utility" programs, and "other types of software." This will be a challenge, but I know I can do it.

I am just about ready to have my students take the Key Applications test. I am purchasing Certiport's practice tests and unlimited IC3 exams (see your Certiport sales rep for more details about this). I'm excited to get the Practice Tests because I can see if my students are prepared enough for the exam or if they need to remediate about specific subjects. The former practice tests looked just like the real IC3 exam environment, so it makes students more relaxed about taking the exams. Having unlimited amounts of exams is going to be great because ususally I have a few students who fail it the first time and need to retake it. I have a small amount of students that end up taking it about 3-4 times before they pass it (of course I usually have them take the Practice Tests several times before they retake the real test).

The semester is more than half-way finished and I still haven't had my students take one single IC3 exam. I will have to start getting them to learn about the other subjects a little quicker without putting a lot of preassure on them. This tends to make taking the exams "unfun."

Oh, and least I forget, I have started putting on the Internet the trainings and exams that I am having my students complete. They are located at: Not all of the tests or trainings are ready, but you can try out the ones that are there. If you have any suggestions, PLEASE e-mail them to me.