Friday, June 10, 2011


Wow, what a year!

This last year I also started teaching Spanish 1 at my school. It was really crazy and I had to spend a lot of time getting lessons, tests, activities, etc. ready for that class, so I was not able to concentrate on this blog as much as I wanted to. Even this year I will be teaching Spanish 2 and 3 instead of Spanish 1, so again I will be spending quite a bit of time getting everything ready for that class.

OK, so now I'm done with my excuses as to my lack of entries into this blog. Let's get into talking about the IC3.

I will have to say that I am totally excited because all but four of my students this last semester became IC3 certified! Many of my students in my first semester class did as well, but not as many as my second semester. In the end, 38 out of my 52 students became IC3 certified. That's 73%. Not bad actually.

This next year I will have three classes of 9th-graders, so I will have more opportunities to have more students become IC3 certified.

I have found out that this summer Certiport will be creating a Windows 7/Office 2010 version of the IC3. I'm excited about this. We just updated our computers in two of our labs to Windows 7 and Office 2010. It has taken some time and we are finishing up our second lab, but it is so worth it. My only problem is that now I have to update all of my trainings to be in Windows 7 and Office 2010. Which, really isn't a problem as it is just going to be a lot of work. However, it will hopefully keep me out of trouble. This is one of the many things I plan on working on this summer so that I can have it all ready at the beginning of the new school year. Again, it will be a lot of work, but it is all worth it.

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