Wednesday, February 3, 2010

More Students Passing!

I am totally excited! In the past couple of days I have had four more students pass the Key Applications part of the IC3 Exams! Our hard work is finally paying off.

Three of the students were from my last semester's class and one of my students from this semester also passed the exam after only studying PowerPoint.

I had three students taking the tests today that found out the hard way that you have to click on "Answer Complete" before clicking the "Next Question" button. One student recieved a zero out of 1000 points because of this. This student came back after school and took the exam again and got a much better score.

One of the CTE directors also came and talked with me about being the Certiport Testing Center for the South-end of our district. It will be great. We worked out a system where students could take the Practice Tests before they come down to my school to take the exams. That way if they don't know the material, they don't have to waste their money to take the exams to find out they don't know it.

Since the Practice Tests are online, they can easily cheat on them if they took them at home. However, cheating won't help them to pass the real exam.

I am also trying to figure out what type of score a student needs to have in order to pass the real exam. It used to be that students needed to get a 900 out of 1000 on the Practice Tests three times in order to be ready for the real exam. Now I don't know where that score will be now that Certiport has lowered their passing scores on the exams. I will definately keep you posted. However, if you know of anyone who has this knowledge, please send them my way so we can collaborate. Thanks! -- Posted From My iPod Touch

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