Saturday, September 5, 2009

PowerPoint Level 3

So, I did get this done this week. It has been a crazy week and I have been working hard to get this level ready for my students. It worked with a few glitches, which are expected.

I now have to create Plus Tests for all three levels, but that should be pretty easy. I usually only have 15 questions in them, so I just have to change the Post Tests to 15 questions and then publish them.

So, tomorrow I plan on having my students go through the Inpics website to actually use PowerPoint 2007. I know that some of my students used it last year, however they should now have a new perspective on the software.

The inpics site is really cool. It has pictures to give instructions on how to use the software. We purchased many of what was then called Visibooks years ago when they first came out. It was great to see the inpics site come out, because it was free and it could be updated easily.

After that I really want to get them on Google Docs to start collaborating on a project. I will of course have to get parental permission for them to sign up and I will also need to talk with my administrator to make sure it is okay with him. However, I am really excited about the idea of introducing Web 2.0 technologies to my 9th-graders.

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