Thursday, June 4, 2009


To give a bit if background on myself, my name is Phil Hanney (there are actually three if us in the world). I have been a computer Teacher at Orem Junior High School for the past eleven years.

I teach many classes. One of my favorites is called "Computer Technology." It is a required class in order to get a diploma in Utah. As I tell my students, if you complete all of your high school requirements and don't pass Computer Technology, you will only get a certificate of completion. I will write more about the class in another post.

One of the ways to "test out" of the class is to pass Ceriport's Internet and Computing Core Certification or IC3. The IC3 is also an option for the final for the class.

I passed the IC3 exams back in 2002 when they first came out. I have since passed the 2005 version as well.

What I hope to do with this blog is to show how I teach my course and hopefully start to collaborate with other teachers so that we all can become better facilitators for our students.

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